July 23, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: All Hail the King

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We return to the big milling machines.

[singlepic id=888 w=200 float=right]I took this shot of a King Milling Machine in action the same day I shot this one. Turns out, it was a lucky day. Of the days I was shooting in the shop, the gigantic milling machines were only in action that day. The other days, the staff were busy milling smaller parts, or working on other aspects of the products.

The conical object being machined here is one of the main parts of the pulping machine manufactured by Bolton Emerson Americas. It takes (I believe) about 4 days to complete this process.

The milling machine you see was manufactured by the King Machine Tool Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. If I recall the conversation correctly, this one was installed in the facility sometime in the 1950’s. As you can see, more that 50 years later, its still working fine.

The image on the right (click to enlarge) was shot on my first day in the shop. I was there just after production hours. Its the same machine at rest, the same part in place, I assume, after the first or second day of production.

I did a quick internet search on “King Machine Tool Company Cincinnati” and didn’t find a lot of info on the company. Under Google Images I didn’t find many (if any) images of similar equipment.

That makes me feel even more fortunate to be able to photograph this amazing operation!

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