September 13, 2010

New Tricks

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I had a great time yesterday exchanging image critiques from a distance with my good friend, Jacques Gudé — I live in the Boston area, he lives in Berlin. After drooling in jealousy over a couple of his amazing urbex shots from Kaserne Krampnitz, Jacques asked me to pick his post for the day.

I trembled at the challenge. Not since my High School SAT exam had I felt that much pressure. Both images he considered publishing yesterday were winners. It was like asking me to pick between Mary Ann or Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. Both very sexy, each with its own special something 🙂

(I chose this one).

I turned the table on him and asked him to choose my image for today. He picked, this BW conversion of an HDR image shot at the Malden Mills Saturday. If you like it, thank you! If you don’t, its all Jacques’ fault.

You may know Jacques as Fotofreq on Twitter. He’s a good friend, great guy and a very strong influence on my work. If you don’t know him and his work, I highly recommend you leave this site now (after bookmarking it and promising yourself you will return daily, and subscribing to the RSS feed, of course) and check out his amazing work at I promise his will be the second best image you see all day. (I’m kidding, Jacques)

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  1. If you and I keep this up, they’re gonna tell us to get a room! Seriously though, this shot is superb. I have always loved Black & White photography, and this is just an amazing example of how HDR and B&W can be combined to create classic fine art! Oh, and when it come to Ginger or Ann, I agree: why not chose both!

    As for our photography, I think this collaborative exchange is a great way to force ourselves to grow as artists! Love it, Bob!

    P.S. Bob was right, his shot was better!

  2. Thanks Jacques, but I think you won this daily post shoot-out.
    And thanks Mike. B&W photography was my first love. I’ve done far too little of it since my darkroom days.

  3. I absolutely LOVE B&W photography…and seeing HDRs in B&W makes me all warm and fuzzy 🙂

    Also, go get the Subscribe to Comments plugin for WordPress 🙂

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