August 5, 2011

At the Landing

The spiral staircase that winds up the side of the tower has three or four landings that break the dizzying climb to the top. At each of the landings is a small iron gated opening into the core of the tower, presumably for maintenance. Through the gate, you can see the smooth exterior surface of the stainless steel water tank.

I didn’t choose this angle, it chose me. I wanted to get a shot that included the stairs and one of these gates. Achieving that goal in such tight quarters was a bit challenging. That said, I’m very happy with it. Of the shots I took, this one best captures the experience of the 12 story climb. A touch of trepidation. A bit of Vertigo.

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  1. The whole shot just works – you’ve got so many circular patterns that the radial distortion just lends itself here.

    Loving that little bit of solar flare in the staircase, too.

  2. Wow, Bob, what a fabulous way to share the sensation of being inside the tower here! As always, I really enjoy the wonderful brickwork, and the way you have the light slightly flaring through the stairs there just adds so much drama!! What a wonderful capture, my friend, I love it so much!

  3. I can tell by where you were standing taking this awesome shot…the light brings in a slight small shadow and the dark tone of the spiral stairs are outstanding…
    Over all photo….Thumbs-Up!!

  4. I really dig this perspective. Looking up at the door is something unique I haven’t seen yet. Nice!

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