August 26, 2011

Live Oak Lace

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This is the companion piece to yesterday’s image.

When I drove past these twisted live oaks, I had a specific shot in mind. I was thinking of a shot I saw a couple of years ago. It was taken by a UK photographer of some really cool twisted trees enveloping a road. It made my jaw drop. It evoked a scene from Tolkien’s Middle Earth. The shot stuck in my mind.

I desperately wanted to walk away from these live oaks with a shot that reminded me of that very influential shot (which I can’t point you to, because I don’t remember who shot it). I completely failed shooting the image I had in mind. But I like to think I was successful.

That shot stuck with me and influenced how I approached this subject. I learned. I acted.

To those who influence me, I thank you. I hope to start recognizing some of you on my Blog soon.

The title comes from my Mother-in-Law, Dorothy Flaherty. When she saw the image after I quickly processed it, said, “It looks like Lace.”

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  1. You were not kidding yesterday when you said this would be a good complimenting image. All the lines are so much fun to chase around the frame. Well done!

  2. This is AWESOME! I love these slightly surreal pieces that bring us to another place in our mind. I am reminded of another world in this picture, and the B&W processing really drives home all the drama.