August 31, 2011

City Sentinels

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After work on Monday I headed into Boston to do some shooting. It had been a while since I’ve shot there and over a week since I’ve done any recreational shooting at all. Really, I just needed to get out and shoot something. I decided to go to a parking garage near Faneuil Hall. From the top level, it has pretty good views of the Zakim Bridge and the Greenway.

It also has a pretty nice view looking up at these skyscrapers in the Financial District. I was initially drawn to the pastel sunset sky but, after downloading and reviewing the images, I thought the stars of the show were the buildings. I thought a strong BW conversion was in order.

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  1. I agree on BW for this. Looks great. Love that range of tones that go all the way to a rich black. Nice work!

  2. Love this in B&W! The fluffy clouds are outstanding too and a nice contrast to the sharp buildings. I can’t wait to get out there in October!