September 1, 2011

Old Baldy’s View

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Back to North Carolina for today’s image.

This view from the top of Bald Head Island Lighthouse (Old Baldy) is stunning. After climbing over 100 steps to the top of the lighthouse, Rob Hanson squeezed through the opening at the top into the glass casing that once housed the lighthouse’s beacon. We ignored the fact that it was about 110° and the sweat was pouring off of us. We just marveled at the view. And shot away.

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  1. Hey Bob – I hadn’t checked out your site in a couple weeks. Now I see we missed each other by “that much” at the beach. I was at Bald Head a few weeks ago and posted my own pics of Old Baldy on my site on August 13th and 16th. Saw your pic on Rob Hanson’s site. Did he photoshop the mosquitoes off your arms and legs?