November 15, 2011

Bolton Emerson Americas: Four Four

[singlepic id=1614 w=650 float=center]

I’ve been shooting at Bolton Emerson Americas off and on since last summer so I’m sure I have seen this incredible, steam punk looking machine before. But a couple of weeks ago I finally stopped and looked at it. I wondered how I could have just walked past it so many times. It is Industrial HDR Gold. How could I have not seen it’s value to this project?

I think the answer is the fact that I slowed down for this phase of the project. I’m more comfortable with the facility and its staff.

I’m finally seeing its personality.

This one was shot with my 50mm f1.4 lens — probably the most versatile lens in my bag. This day, I set out to shoot small details of the facility with narrow DOF,  but I changed gears when I noticed this awesome piece of machinery. I had plenty of room to set up and frame the shot the way I wanted it. I stopped it down to f11 keep everything sharp.  Processing was handled through Photomatix pro and onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 6.0.

Oh … and the title. I have no idea what this machine does, so I was at a complete loss for a title. Shen that happens, I try to pick up on something in the image. I found something.

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  1. Like I said last night, this is all kinds of AWESOME, Bob!!! So many awesome details to see here. Every time I look, I see something I missed. Perfect choice for the name as well.

  2. Great image, where to start?
    Love the framing, including the windows is perfection, the processing is to good for words the whole image just ticks all the boxes.

  3. Subtle light draping the floor, the almost personified presence the machine makes as it sits on the floor and the grungy and gritty windows of the building all combine here to produce something beyond words, Bob. This is one of my favorite shots of yours in this series, no doubt about it!!

  4. Awesome! While not quite as old as this one, I actually used to run a drill press like this, along with many other very old pieces of machinery. All of which eventually got traded out for new CNC machinery. I love seeing all these old machines showcased,you do such a great job of doing just that!