November 18, 2011


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For this fine Friday, a companion piece to an image I posted a few weeks ago. This is the flip side of a pocket watch made by the Waltham Watch Factory in 1919. You can read about my connection to the watch and the factory in the original post.

Shooting this family heirloom solidified my love for macro. So far, all of my macro work has been done with a borrowed lens. I’ll have to put “macro lens” on my Christmas list. My wife, Jean is a regular reader of my blog, so if you have a suggestion for a macro lens for Nikon (manufacturer, focal length, etc.) then add it to comments.

Yup, that’s me … Mr. Subtle.

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  1. Wowsers, Bob, another GREAT shot from you my friend! Love the details here, and that depth of focus is just exquisite! In all truth, it’s better than chocolate, and man… do I love chocolate…

  2. beautiful, i really can’t get enough of this image. when you understand how a mechanical watch works, and the intricacy of the springs, balance wheel, jewels and sprockets all working in sync to accurately track the passage of time, it is a wonder. it makes me think…..time is the constant, is it not? certainly it is. and will always be. so, men have worked to create these beautiful devices, time pieces, to keep track of the hours, minutes and seconds around which we build our days, months, years and lives…fitting that this has stood the test. the test of time. which consistently passes. day in. day out. sunrise. sunset. fitting that your grandfather had it. your dad has it. hopefully you will have it. your son, your son’s son, and so on…so it will outlast us all. and be a reminder to that great period in the great history book of time keeping that was once Waltham, MA. And Waltham Watch. Co.. We are just passing through, here on borrowed time.