December 6, 2011

Steam Punk

Tucked away in a tiny room in the back of one of Lawrence’s smaller mill buildings sits this old  steam engine. It hadn’t seen daylight in over 100 years until my friend Tom Short discovered it. Of course, he knew to call me when he found it.

This is the reason I love urbex. Shooting things that have been abandoned for years or even decades is fun and very exciting, even if other like-minded photographers have shot it as well. But to find something that has been untouched for over 100 years, and probably never photographed before is simply amazing.

Getting this image was not easy. The room was tight (evidently, built around the engine), it was very hot and there was almost no ambient light. I set the ISO to 400 to keep the noise down (wish I had the D700 then) and the aperture to f16. Since I had to focus with the help of a flashlight, I wanted to minimize focus error.

Lighting was done with a flashlight as well. During a series of 60+ second exposures I used two flashlights to light the scene. I used a small LED head lamp to light the engine and a traditional flashlight to throw some light on the brick wall in the background.

I tone mapped the image in Photomatix using two of the exposures as the brackets. I brought the tone mapped image into Photoshop for a couple of selective curve adjustments.

Be sure to click on the image to view it on a darker background.

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  1. 2 flashlights? Are you serious? You’ve got to be kidding my friend. The lighting here is exquisite and absolutely sympathetic to the scene and subject at hand!!! INCREDIBLE image here, Bob!

  2. Awesome, LOVE finding something that other people haven’t been around in a while…but that was SOME find! Love that lighting on the brick wall!