January 11, 2012


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Click on image or the terrorists win.

New York City is the land of “bucket list” shots for me. And the Flatiron Building is probably number one on my list.

Back in college I was in awe of the work of the early photographers like Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand. All three of them photographed New York City, and Stieglitz and Steichen both shot the Flatiron Building — their images are classics. All three were also pioneers in a relatively new field of art that was struggling for acceptance into the world of art.

I used to flip through my old History of Photography books and marvel at work of these masters (and others). These days, I occasionally turn to the web and Google “masters of photography” to find and reconnect with the images and artists who inspired me over 30 years ago. They continue to do so.

Oh … and of course, this isn’t the Flatiron Building. After two trips to New York last year, it still alludes me.

This is a random building in Manhattan’s Chinatown. I shot it on my October trip  to NYC, where I was lucky enough to hook up with a G+ Photowalk.

I loved the flatiron shape, the details above the windows and the fire escape. I processed it in Photomatix and onOne Software‘s Perfect PhotoSuite (love it!). I chose a vintage, cross process style and used a bit of Focal Point to draw the eye to leading edge of the building.


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  1. I, too, have been fascinated with the Flatiron building and have managed to get a few shots of it. I hope to get back to New York to try and get some better shots, however. I like your choice of building, it definitely has the feeling of the Flatiron and I like the vintage processing.

  2. I suspect anyone with an interest in architecture and photography will have the Flatiron building high on their lists of “must shoot” destinations. I was lucky enough to get to it a couple of years ago (on my 3rd trip to Manhattan, I think) and it definitely didn’t disappoint.