March 19, 2012

Heaven’s Gate

[singlepic id=1709 w=650 float=center]


This past weekend I fell in love with a building. A church. The one attached to the doors in this image.

It is the Unitarian Memorial Church in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. A stunningly gorgeous church built by philanthropist,  Henry H. Rodgers in 1904.

I was in the area over the weekend to run a half marathon with a good friend Fran, who was kind enough to scout out a few places I might like to shoot. This was one of them. Other shots on the list were a 25 foot tall seahorse and a bowling alley. Starting to detect a theme?  Right. Neither am I.

Anyway, Fran and I hit most of the spots on the list. I grabbed a few shots and mentally noted the things I want to go back to shoot more comprehensively. This church is number one on the list.

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