May 16, 2012

Package Goods

[singlepic id=1753 h=950 float=center]

A detail shot of Austin, Nevada for today. And a reminder of the town’s age.

You are looking at what remains of a store front. At one time you could walk through this door into a bar where you could purchase “Package Goods” including wine, beer, liquor, and soft drinks. Good deal.

Today, this door will take you into a vacant lot. But rest assured. Right next door is the fully functional “Golden Club,” One of Austin’s four fine bars.

Some history … Austin Nevada got its start in 1862 when a Pony Express agent discovered a ledge of silver ore, which lead to a rush of entrepreneurs to the area, all eager to strike it rich in silver.  At its height, Austin boasted 0ver 8,000 residents. Between Austin and the other nearby mining camps that sprouted from it, over $50m in silver was produced.


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