Dirty Dick’s Belmont Saloon

Robert Lussier14mm f2.8, nevada, Travel4 Comments

You know you are in Belmont when you pass Dirty Dick’s. It is one of only a couple of businesses in town and the first one you see after the long drive from Manhattan, or Tonopah, or wherever.

In my research for the trip, I found a photo of the inside of the saloon along with a short writeup of the place. It sounded like it had a lot of character and I was looking forward to a short visit. Unfortunately, Dirty Dick’s was closed on te day I visited Belmont.

Based on saloon’s hours of operation, prominently posted on a sign next to the door, i caught the place on a rare off day.

The sign is obscured by the post in the photo above, but I grabbed a shot of it with my iPhone (below).


I’ll be winding up a week of Belmont (and one Manhattan) photos tomorrow with one of my favorite shots from the trip — a panorama Belmont Ghost Town Panorama.

Robert LussierDirty Dick’s Belmont Saloon

4 Comments on “Dirty Dick’s Belmont Saloon”

  1. Gracie

    This saloon is really awesome they had a great kind of customer service..I would love to go in this place the ambiance is really good..

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