The Front of the House in Ione

I probably should have posted this one first. It is the same house I posted an image of yesterday, but from the front. I shot it from the road with a long lens.

Through my D700’s viewfinder I noticed the missing window panes. Since the house was only a few yards away, I decided to switch to my 14mm lens and try to get a shot of the interior. I thought trespassing (technically) was worth the risk. Especially since I hadn’t seen a single person since I arrived. So I switched lenses, ventured onto the property and set up my tripod against those open windows and got this shot:

I noticed the light pouring in from the rear of the house and decided to walk around back. If, in fact, I actually found an open door, I was not convinced I would take the next step and enter the house.

At least I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t convinced.

More tomorrow.


  1. These are both incredible shots here, Bob, but that second one of the inside really creates a scene highly reminiscent of another world entirely. Well done, fine sir!!

  2. Great pair of shots, Bob. I’ve enjoyed all the Nevada images you’ve been posting… looks like a trip that was well worth the effort.

    I’m with Scotty… that second shot is mui creepy. I guess they’re no more into housework than I am.

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