July 5, 2012

Tower Bridge Blue

[singlepic id=1799 w=750 float=center]

I teased this image last week when I posted a black and white version of Tower Bridge.

I owe the “beach front” access to my friend, Mark Blundell. For me, it is the prize of our photo walk.  After our first stop at this spot, Mark and I hit a pub and waited for the sun to go down. Night photography on the Themes is (in the dialect of the locals) a treat!

When we returned, approximately a pint later, it was spitting rain — just enough to dot the lens with enough rain drops to ruin any shot with my lens of choice, the 20mm prime.

Then I remembered … in my bag I had  the Tamron 28-300. It happens to have a pretty substantial lens hood. I thought it might be just enough hood to keep the rain off the lens for just long enough to get a decent shot. Thank you Tamron.

And thank you Mark, for the access to the beach!


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  1. What gorgeous light you’ve captured here, Bob! Love the blue hues in the bridge… all perfectly accenting the lovely architectural details here… top drawer, my friend!

  2. This is absolutely sensational. The light, the water movement, the contrast…they’re all just lovely. Excellent capture! 🙂

  3. Thats come out REALLY nicely – the rain put paid to my images at this time of night. The view wouldn’t have been half as good if the water had been high tide!