August 14, 2012

Route 50 Connected

[singlepic id=1835 w=600 float=center]
Route 50 in Nevada, between Fallon and Austin, is one of the most desolate stretches of road I’ve ever driven. Or run. Both, really. Actually, it is THE most desolate stretch of road I’ve covered. But that’s not saying much really. I haven’t traveled extensively.

Still I love the stark beauty of the desert and, when driving that stretch of road last spring, I found it hard to resist the urge to pull over every couple of miles to shoot something.

This shot is something I couldn’t resist stopping for. The telephone poles winding with the road through the salt flats was something I remembered vividly from my run across Route 50 back in 2004. And it was something I was anxious to shoot when I went back this past April.

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  1. Those power lines make for the craziest natural leading lines in this image, Bob, did you lay them all out like that just for your photography purposes? What an awesome shot, I found myself wandering through this scene for quite a bit taking certain details in. Yet, in some ways, it’s also slightly abstract. Wow, this is just top drawer!