October 15, 2012

Mt. Washington

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I made a trek up to the White Mountains this weekend for a short getaway shoot. I have a few images to share from the trip, starting with this shot of Mt. Washington and the Mt. Washington Hotel.

The “scenic overlook” parking lot on the main road was clogged with people tripping over themselves to get the classic shot of the Hotel and the Mountain. Lemming-like, I initially went and joined the crowd. I set my tripod and grabbed a shot — the same shot everyone else got.  I had to do something different.

I walked along the road towards the hotel entrance and scurried down to the stream that snakes through the hotel grounds.  I walked a few yards to this soppy, where the stream opens up a bit, providing a nice foreground.

The view from here was begging for a panorama shot. Unfortunately, in my haste to hit the road,  I left my long lens at home. I did the next best thing. This was shot with the Nikon 16-35mm f4.0 zoom, at 35mm. I gave it a pano crop and brought the overall resolution up using onOne Software’s Perfect Resize.

In terms of processing, I ran 5 brackets through Photomatix 32 bit plugin and tone-mapped the image in Lightroom. That process renders very realistic looking HDR images, which is what I was going for here. Also in Lightroom, I applied a graduated ND filter to pop the mountain range and hotel a bit. In Photoshop, I used a couple of curves masks to adjust the color and bring out some of the foreground a bit more.

Click on the image for a bigger version on a dark background. Click if you want to see it even larger.


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  1. How wonderful, Bob! I love that the strong architecture of the hotel peeks above the tree lines there, making for an element the viewer needs to sort of search for. Those mountains that provide the backdrop are really quite epic, my friend. This is one of those fabulous shots that is well worth the pain you had to go through to create it.

  2. Bob, that is just a great shot. The hotel, being as large as it is needed the expanse of the pano for scale…and you nailed it. Nice work man!