January 31, 2013

And now for something completely different

[singlepic id=2129 w=750 float=center]

When I saw this little “Push ‘n Go” firetruck in a storage bin at the mill I decided to borrow it and have a little fun with it. the juxtaposition of this brightly colored toy against the dark, weathered mill was too much to pass up. Not typically my style, I might add. While I sometimes (rarely) rearrange elements I find in a scene, I can’t remember a time when I injected a prop. So, to quote Monty Python, “and now for something completely different.”

There will be more “Push’n Go” to come.

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  1. This is going to haunt my dreams for years, Bob, and I mean that in a good way!! What a great photograph, my friend! Love the haunting element the fire truck brings in, and the shadow it casts adds just a great touch of drama here!