April 4, 2013

Stone Spiral

[singlepic id=2176 w=650 float=center]

On Saturday, My friend Steve Perlmutter and I will be hosting the first, of what we hope will be many, Historic Mills Photography Workshops at the Stone and Everett Mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts. That got me looking back on my older images of the mills.

This one is from my very first visit to the Stone Mill back in 2009. I wouldn’t put it at the top of my “personal best” list, but I am quite fond of it. In part, because it IS from my first visit to the Stone.


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  1. Stairs and Bob Lussier just go together! Love the bits of stuff all over them and the black and white conversion!

  2. Love your work with staircases, Bob, I dare say you’re known for them! This is actually a terrific shot, I really love it. A tough composition to pull off as well as you have here!!