May 13, 2013


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The first official stop on the Utah NXNW trip was the the Ghost Town of Cisco, Utah.

It was an interesting visit. Justin Balog, who helped orchestrate this trip, assured us that in all the times he’s shot Cisco, he has never seen any other photographers there. Yet when we pulled up to the town, there were about a dozen cars and about twenty photographers roaming about the ruins — We had walked right in to a photography workshop.

We did our thing, they did theirs. Their shoot finished about a half hour after we arrived, so we had some time to work the town without worrying about random people walking into our frame. That is, until the police arrived. More on that later.

Processing note: I was planning to go B&W on this but, after seeing Justin’s take on Cisco, I went I opted for a cross-processing technique in Lightroom.

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