May 29, 2013

Manhattan Homestead

[singlepic id=2220 w=750 float=center]

While exploring the semi-ghost town of Manhattan, NV in the spring of 2012 I got a bit disoriented. I made a wrong turn and found myself driving towards what appeared someone’s home. A trailer home. I really didn’t want to trespass so I started looking for a place to turn around. Fortunately, I couldn’t find a convenient spot until I was close enough to realize that I was driving up to a completely abandoned “homestead.”

There was an RV, a bus, a lawn mower and everything you see here. Everything but the kitchen sink.

For a photographer who loves urbex shooting, it was an irresistible find. I spent about 45 minutes exploring and shooting. The first shot I posted from this spor is here. More coming.


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  1. I love the details. The eye can wander around at all those untold stories that each abandoned object possesses.