June 17, 2013

Justin’s View

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One of the benefits of doing this photo blog is it gives me the opportunity to meet like minded photographers from, pretty much, all over the world.

One such photographer is Justin Balog, from Colorado. I’ve known him for about three years, but didn’t officially meet him until the Moab trip this past April. In fact, outside of Dave Wilson and Mark Garbowski, I hadn’t met any of the guys on that trip.

Anyway, Justin is a story-teller with a camera. He’s a great photographer with a passion for sharing what he knows through his site,  social media, and books. He’s the guy I turned to to help me plan my trip to Nevada in 2012.

Here is Justin, rocking the iPhone camera at Colorado National Monument.

If you are into mobile photography be sure to check out Justin’s e-book, Big World, Little Lens. It is a great resource for mobile shooting.


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