July 6, 2015

Eastern Point Light

I won’t go into details about my failed attempt to photograph the fireworks at Gloucester Harbor from Eastern Point Light last Friday night. And I won’t tell you about the dozens of mosquito bites I suffered during the night. I’ll just tell you that the night wasn’t a total bust. After all, how can any night photographing any lighthouse in New England be bad?

I have Steven Perlmutter to thank for dragging me out. It was his idea. Since the fireworks were scheduled to go off an hour after the parking lot is supposed to get locked up for the night, Steven made arrangements with the Coast Guard to park in the Lighthouse Residence driveway to avoid getting locked in.

Brilliant, we thought. Except we parked in the private driveway of a private residence that is owned by a private citizen (not even remotely related to Coast Guard).

We were absolutely convinced we were parking on Government property, but the owner of the home convinced us that we were misguided. Nevertheless, our combined charms lead him and his wife to allow us to park on their property while we explored the area until well after the parking lot’s 8:00PM closure.

Except nobody ever showed up to lock the gate.

At least we made new friends.

Anyway, here is a shot of sunset behind Eastern Point Light.

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