March 9, 2016

Essex Street

I went to the Everett Mill in Lawrence tonight to scout sunset. Well, it wasn’t really a scouting mission. I’ve been to the Everett Mill a hundred times. I know it faces west. And I know the sun sets in the west. It was really an excuse to go out and shoot on an unseasonably warm afternoon. What I really wanted to check out were composition and focal length. Oh, and the Live Composite feature on my Olympus OM-D E-M1.

It’s a cool feature for capturing star trails, light trails and also for light painting. It takes a series of exposures. The first one captures the scene. Subsequent exposures capture only what gets lighter in the frame. The images are combined in camera, rendering a single Raw file.

This shot, for example, is a composite of about five 2 second exposures. The initial shot at two seconds was enough to capture the sunset, the city and relatively short trails of light from the cars. The subsequent shots extended the light trails from the cars without blowing out the city lights.

By no means have I mastered the feature, but I’m happy with this image.


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