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Photo © Brian Matiash. www.brianmatiash.com Bob Lussier in the loft of the Pacific Mill Machine Shop, Lawrence, MA
Photo by Brian Matiash, copyright © 2010 BrianMatiash.com

My photography is driven by a sense of history.

I grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, along the Merrimack River, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in America.

Through my childhood and early adulthood I watched the old textile mills that helped build the city morph from the industrial era dinosaurs that they were, to apartments, condos, retail and office space. In some cases, they were simply razed to make way for more modern buildings or open spaces. Sadly, I watched it happen without picking up a camera.

Today I live just up the river, outside of Lowell’s sister City, Lawrence, another key player in the Industrial Revolution. Many of Lawrence’s mill buildings remain virtually changed since they were built. Today they serve as my photographic playground.

It is part urban exploration photography and part documentary photography. I shoot the mills as they are today so we can remember what they were like tomorrow.

Of course, its not all I shoot. I enjoy shooting other old and forgotten buildings, landscapes, cityscapes architecture and nature. I’ve even been known to to photograph people, if my arm is twisted enough.

I am a devotee of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, a process expands the dynamic range of light to produce an image truer to the eye than a single exposure can capture.

My images are available for sale at lussier.smugmug.com. Please contact me if you are interested in my services or commercial use of my images.

On a personal note, I’ve been happily married for over 25 years to my wife, Jean. We live in Methuen, Massachusetts with our three sons and two very annoying hybrid dogs.

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  1. Mary Lou Sicard

    Hi Bob,

    Not sure that you will remember me. I worked with you at MITRE.

    I was impressed with your website and photography. Hope all is well with Jean and the boys.

  2. Paul Ashman

    My partner and I have just purchased Bolton Emerson and will be moving the business to a better location and because most of the equipment is out dated it will not come with us and will probably end up as scrape. But every time I walk into the building I look up at the equipment and just shake my head and smile. Oh the stories it could tell if only it could talk.
    I appreciate all that it has done and I felt that it should not be forgotten but I didn’t know how I could do that. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to take a look at the Bolton web site and while searching I happened to see your name. I looked at your site, saw what you did and I said perfect. I just recieved the 4 copies and they look great.

    I thank you for what you are doing It’s awesome!

    Have a Merry Christmas.

    Paul Ashman

  3. Wendy Bolton Rowland

    Robert, I did send you an e-mail identical to this one on another of your sites. I do want to order the book on Bolton Emerson for my aunt. I would also like to take advantage of the second one at 1/2 price offer. I do want to send them to different places. I will call you, if you e-mail me back or you can try me at 859 254 2592 or 859 338 3802 (cell). i am leaving for a week on Thursday. It might be best to at least get this order started with you in case I forget about it for a time as I did just recently. I don’t want this posted. Wendy Rowland

  4. John Murray

    I just saw your photos of the Bolton Emerson plant. Is this factory in Lawrence, Mass. ? if so is the building located at 9 Osgood street? If so my great grandfatherIrwin Peter Dillon started Dillon Machine Co. in 1895 on Salem and Carver street and moved to 9 Osgood in the early 1930″s when the family sold the company i presume to Bolton. Could you let me know if this is that place. Ive been looking for pictures of their company for years. Thanks, John

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