My first book, Industrial Light: Images from Bolton-Emerson Americas is now available through Blurb. Industrial Light: Images from Bolton-Emerson Americas is a collection of images taken in a vintage machine shop over a 13 month period.

Bolton-Emerson Americas is a manufacturer of paper pulping machines and parts. But what they make is less important than how they do it.

In continuous operation since 1905, Bolton-Emerson Americas uses equipment and processes that have remained relatively unchanged for over half a century. Walking through the shop is like walking back in time.

Over a 13 month period, I paid dozens of visits to Bolton to photograph this very unique machine shop.

The images in this book are the result of those visits.

The book also provideds some insights into the company’s history, courtesy of a pair of 1955 newspaper articles commemorating Bolton’s (then) 50th year in business.

It is truly a step into America’s industrial past.

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  1. John Murray sent me information about your book. I am the great grand daughter of Peter Dillon (also know as Irving) who established Dillon Machine Shop which went on to become Bolton-Emerson Americas.

    How much of the original shop remained in the BEA. I have a lap top computer, but not an I pad. Where is the hard copy of the book available?

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