Lawrence, Massachusetts was founded in the 1840s as the nation’s first planned industrial city. It’s textile mills along the Merrimack River helped drive the Industrial Revolution. By the early twentieth century, Lawrence was a world leader in the production of cotton and woolen textiles.

The latter half of the century was less kind to Lawrence. The textile industry moved south and the city was in decline. Many of the majestic mill building fell into neglect and others struggled to remain viable.

Today the city is on the rise again. Manufacturing is returning and several of the mills have been converted to office, retail and residential property.

Over the past few years, Lawrence, Massachusetts has been at the center of my photographic world. My goal has been to capture the industrial beauty of Lawrence’s mills buildings and the character of the city.

Check out the collections below and learn to love Lawrence.

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  • The Mill Collection

    The Mill Collection is a broad overview of my work in the mills and around Lawrence. It is a mix of color and black and white images that are among my personal favorites. 

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  • Bolton-Emerson Americas

    From 2010 through 2012 I had the pleasure of photographing a very unique machine shop in Lawrence. Bolton-Emerson Americas started manufacturing paper pulping machinery in 1905 and has been in continuous operation at the same location ever since.

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  • The Square Collection

    Also a broad sampling of images from my overall project photographing the mills of Lawrence Massachusetts. They have all been processed in black and white then cropped square for consistency in presentation. The locations include the Ayer Mill Clock Tower, Stone Mill, Everett Mill and Pacific Mill.

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