Kinsman Falls

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I spent about 45 minutes photographing this falls along the Cascade Trail in Franconia Notch a couple of weeks ago. Of course, that was before the day ended so badly for my sister (see my previous post for details).

Kinsman Falls is about a 20 foot drop.  Certainly not that biggest waterfall in the area, but it is quite pretty. You can hear it from the trail and just barely see it through the trees. To get to it you have to scramble down the bank about 15 feet. Not a long climb, but a bit steep.

Robert LussierKinsman Falls

Lonesome Lake IR

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This is an infrared shot of Lonesome Lake. It sits to the South of Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch at about 2,700 ft above sea level.

If you hike the Cascade trail to get here, the journey is as rewarding as this view. The trail crosses the cascades twice and features a couple of gorgeous waterfalls along the way. The only one I got to shoot, however, was Kinsman Falls. I made mental notes of the other one, as well as other spots I intended to shoot on the way down. However, my hiking companion and sister took a nasty spill along the trail about a half mile from the lake, shattering her wrist.

There was no doubt of the break. Even if my sister Anne wasn’t a nurse, the unusual lumpiness and rapid swelling of her wrist was a dead giveaway.  

To make a long story short, we made our way carefully up to Lonesome Lake and the AMC Hut, which is nestled on its shore, where we were greeted by a concerned staff (who had been forewarned of my sister’s accident by concerned hikers who had passed us on the last stretch). They fashioned a splint to keep her arm and wrist still and gave her something to eat and drink. Two of the girls even accompanied us down the mountain via a shorter trail, then drove us to the car (about two miles from our original trailhead).

I’m happy to say that my sister is recovering well. I brought her to the ER in Plymouth NH where they x-rayed, diagnosed and properly set her wrist. She’ll be back to normal in about 6 weeks.

I guess when you break a bone in ski country, odds are you will be attended by a good orthopedic doctor.

Oh … when the two young ladies from the Hut started hiking back down with my sister, I took the opportunity to lag behind and grab a couple of shots of the lake.

I know. It is all about me.

Seriously, my hat is off to Anne. It was a tough break (no pun intended).  She made it up the mountain and back down (a very steep trail) again while enduring some mind numbing pain! Truly #Pro!

Robert LussierLonesome Lake IR

This Old House

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This Old House

An old friend of mine, Mike Swanson, turned me on to the location of this house when he posted a photo of the barn across the street on Facebook. I’ll be posting my own shots of the barn in the near future.

I am very grateful to Mike. It is not only a great spot to shoot, but the window may be narrow to do so. The property has been up for sale for some time nut is now under agreement. There is no telling when the construction crew will move in and make it all pretty again.

Robert LussierThis Old House

Kinsman Falls

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Kinsman Falls, White Mountains, NH

Kinsman Falls is a bit of a drop off of the Basin-Cascade Trail in the Franconia area of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, but it is well worth the climb down to the river.

The water drops about 20 feet into a wide pool and the rocks in the river allow for some interesting compositions as the water flows down river.

The Falls are a short hike up trail. You can park at The Basin, on Route 3/I-93 in Franconia Notch.

I spent far less time shooting on this trail than I originally planned. My sister and I planned to hike to the AMC hike at Lonesome Lake and back down the same trail. As we made our way to the lake I noted several spots I wanted to shoot and planned to stop on the way back down when the sun was a little lower (the light a little better).

My plans were thwarted when, about a third of a mile from the lake, my sister slipped on a boulder and slammed her wrist into another boulder, breaking it.

That pretty much killed the shooting day, but did make for a pretty great story. Which I will get into in a later post.

Robert LussierKinsman Falls

A Wall at the Cliffs

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A Wall at the Cliffs

I grabbed this shot the day my family and I were wandering around the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland back in 2007. Yes, the cliffs were gorgeous and I did get my share of shots. But I also wandered around the perimeter of the park to explore the countryside a bit.

This stone wall caught my eye for some reason.

Robert LussierA Wall at the Cliffs

A Day at Smuttynose

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Smuttynose Brewing Company

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting for my friends at Smuttynose Brewing Company. They recently moved into their new brewery at Towle Farm Road in Hampton New Hampshire and needed some shots for marketing and social media. I was happy to oblige.

I had free rein of the facility for the day and shot accordingly — like I owned the place, really.

I shot a lot of detail shots of the facility, shot the fermentation tanks and brew house as well as the packaging line (there was no bottling going on that day).

I also spent some time trailing the staff as they went about their daily brewing tasks. This is one of my favorite shots from that set.

I’ll be posting more shots from this fun day next week.

Robert LussierA Day at Smuttynose

Silver Cascade

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Silver Cascade

This is a shot of the lower portion of Silver Cascade, located in the Crawford Notch area of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The full cascade makes its way down the side of the mountain, ending in this lower portion.

Shooting opportunities abound.  There are plenty of rocks in the lower section begging to be used to help frame the shot, plenty of vegetation to add interest (especially in the fall) and of course, plenty of flowing water which flows at varying intensity, depending on the weather and time of year.

And you will not find a more accessible waterfall in New Hampshire. It is clearly visible from Rte 302 with a convenient parking area just across the road.

Be careful crossing.

Robert LussierSilver Cascade

Arethusa Falls

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Arethusa Falls

On this day I was competing with dozens of other hikers, all clamoring for some time to bask in the waters.  This particular shot was captured during a lull in bathing activity.

I grabbed the shot by placing my camera on the rock on the edge of a pool and shooting straight into the base of the falls. The sun was high and harsh so I opted for a slightly under exposed shot. A polarizing filter and, of course, a 10 stop ND filter were key.

Just out of the frame on the right were a few people getting ready to venture into the chill.  When I turned around it looked like a bus depot. I saw a couple of dozen people making their way to the base of the falls.

Timing is everything.

You can find the trail head to Arethusa Falls along Rte 302 in the Crawford Notch area of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is at the end of a moderate 1.5 mile hike. Longer if you want to take in Frankenstein Cliffs or the other waterfall (the name escapes me. Sorry).

Robert LussierArethusa Falls