Van Houten’s Cocoa

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This is my first post this week, and it is not even a new image. It is an image I shot a few years ago and just recently reprocessed. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting anything new, nor does it explain my lack of posting this week!  And both of those issues are related.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting a job for my friends at Smuttynose Brewing. Smuttynose is a fine craft brewer in New Hampshire. (More on that in a few weeks.) In the course of about six hours, I shot over 1500 images and my son/assistant shot a great deal of video. All of that delicious data took all day Sunday (spilling into Monday) to download to the computer and then upload to my site for the client.  The whole process completely threw me off of my blogging schedule!

So back to today’s new/old image. As I was driving through Lawrence back in 2010 I noticed a newly vacant lot. The razed building exposed some 19th century advertising on the walls of the adjoining building.  Well worth stopping for a shot, I thought.

Robert LussierVan Houten’s Cocoa

Storrow Drive

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I was attracted by the slight bend in the road. I thought the fisheye lens I already had on the camera would give it just the right amount of distortion. I also thought the shot could benefit from more traffic. And even after blending about three exposures, I still think that.

But I’m still very happy with this blended, distorted, bendy, wavy, black and white composite.

Robert LussierStorrow Drive

Christian Science Center

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I happened to be poking through old Lightroom directories this past weekend when I stumbled upon images from a 2010 shoot at the Christian Science Center in Boston. I was there with my friend and frequent shooting partner, Brian Matiash (who has since moved!). We were meeting up with Dave Wilson who was in town on business. We started this epic day of shooting at the Christian Science Center, made our way to Copley Center, where Brian Matiash had a memorable encounter with a security guard who suspected that Brian may have been a terrorist by virtue of the fact that he was wielding a camera on a tripod. But I digress.

This shot, from the Christian Science Center, is one I neglected for these past 3+ years — probably because I had posted a similar one from a different angle.  So I think it’s time to bring this one to light.

Robert LussierChristian Science Center

Not-so Dry Docks

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Don’t let the calm appearance of this image fool you. The conditions were nasty. Last Saturday’s high winds and rain made shooting a challenge. But, hey, I was in Boston I had my camera. I had to shoot!

But the conditions were definitely tough. I was shooting with my Olympus OM-D EM-1, which under normal circumstances would require my lightweight travel tripod. But with the heavy winds I had to resort to my big aluminum Manfroto. I needed the weight. Even with that, I still had to try to break the wind with my body to keep the tripod steady during this exposure.


Robert LussierNot-so Dry Docks

Waterfront Reflections

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I was in Boston last Saturday shooting a commercial job for a construction company. It was a nasty, rainy, windy day. But I was shooting indoors. Still, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was in town and decided to do some recreational shooting after the job was done. Here is one of the shots.

The Boston Waterfront reflected in a puddle on the walkway of Fan Pier.

Robert LussierWaterfront Reflections

An Empty Mill Floor

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The very literal title reflects the fact that I am at a loss for words in titling this image. That is not to be mistaken for a loss of enthusiasm in actually shooting the mills!

This one is from the Washington Mill a couple of years back. I explored the building with my friend Brian Matiash — a great day of shooting. It is an image that I never processed until last night. Truth is, I probably passed over it back then because I was doing so much HDR processing and this image didn’t exactly scream “TONEMAP ME!” — not that that would have stopped me.  But for whatever reason, I moved on. However, my recent love affair with black and white has me going back through old mill images to try to see them differently. This one jumped out immediately.

Hope you like it.

Robert LussierAn Empty Mill Floor

What Are You Seeing?

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That was the question I was asked by a woman before I got this shot this past Sunday. The fact that I was carrying photography gear lead me to believe that question, “what are you seeing” was deliberately phrased to elicit a specific response. The area had a lot of possibilities including Monday’s house, sure. But her question made me think more creatively. I replied, “I like that little cottage across the marsh and its reflection in the ice.”

So, what are you seeing today?

Robert LussierWhat Are You Seeing?