Mesa Arch

Robert LussierOlympus OM-D, Utah, Zuiko 12mm f/2.02 Comments

Last night I went back to my Moab images and did a little bit of visual reminiscing. Looking at the images I took at Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point, Colorado National Monument brought back a flood of great memories with good friends.

This one is from Mesa Arch. It was shot about 20 minutes after dawn when most of the other photographers had cleared out.  My recent obsession with black and white made me process it this way. Hope you like it.

Robert LussierMesa Arch

Sunset over Lower Manhattan

Robert Lussier50mm 1.4, CityscapeLeave a Comment

This was taken at my wife’s cousin’s wedding a couple of years ago. The reception was held at a restaurant on the East River at the Brooklyn end of Williamsburg Bridge. This was the view at sunset looking west towards the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

The image was processed using Photomatix 32 bit plugin and Lightroom and finished in Photoshop and Nik AnalogEfex.

Robert LussierSunset over Lower Manhattan

Skyline Fury

Robert Lussier20mm f2.8, boston, CityscapeLeave a Comment

Another archive shot for today — newly processed.  This one was shot in the summer of 2011 from the top level of a parking garage near Faneuil Hall in Boston. It cost me about $30 to park my car there and wander around the area for a couple of hours, but I think it was money well spent.

I was treated to a great sunset and fantastic blue hour from this vantage point, but much prefer this black and white treatment.

Robert LussierSkyline Fury

Pacific Mill

Robert Lussierlawrence, mills1 Comment

Here is another shot from my black and white series of images of the Lawrence mills.

This is the Pacific Mill, my most recent favorite place to shoot. I absolutely love the wide open space and tall windows in the mill buildings. But in the Pacific it has a different feel. The space is wider — or just feels wider — and the light just dances through it.


Robert LussierPacific Mill

Mt Washington Hotel

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My trip to the White Mountains last weekend would not have been complete without a stop at the gorgeous Mt Washington Hotel. Mt Washington is absolutely gorgeous, so Initially I was disappointed with the cloud cover over the mountain itself. But when the clouds are this gorgeous you have to embrace them.

The Mt Washington Hotel is located on Rt. 302 in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.  Additional tip (and something I haven’t done yet), if you want to shoot Mt Washington from the top of Bretton Woods Ski area then have lunch or an early dinner at Latitude’s Restaurant at the top. You can pay a special $10 fee for a lift ticket to the top, have some food, get some shots and take the ski lift back down.

Robert LussierMt Washington Hotel

The Grist Mill

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This is where I found myself this past Friday night after a day of shooting in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  But it’s not a grist mill anymore. The Littleton Grist Mill closed its doors, making way for a home for the Schilling Brew Pub. And it is a good brew pub. Excellent craft beer and fabulous pizza. This is one of the last images I grabbed before retiring to the pub. And given the incredible cold that night,  I can’t tell you how welcomed that was.

The pub is called Schilling. It sits on the Ammonoosuc River in Littleton, New Hampshire. That’s it right there. The red building with the water wheel.


Robert LussierThe Grist Mill

The Mill City

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This was shot about three years ago from the high service water tower in Lawrence. It was taken at around 8:00 in the morning.     

I’ve processed this a couple of different ways over the past couple of years, but this is the final, definitive version. It captures the atmosphere of the morning, with the low blinding sun glistening off the buildings.

If you have been following this blog you know I have been going back through my catalog of Lawrence mill images recently. I’m putting together something of a retrospective of my years photographing the city’s mills and other industrial era buildings.  I set certain criteria for myself, for consistency in style and presentation — I’ve processed (or re-processed) all images in black and white and constrained them to a square crop. That second requirement has forced me to eliminate some of my favorite images from this collection. But don’t worry, they will still be available in their original form.

That said, I may break my own rule and include this image in the retrospective. I think it provides a powerful overview for the set. In this view I can point out almost all of the places in the city I’ve photographed.





Robert LussierThe Mill City

North Canal Gate House

Robert Lussierarchitecture, industrial, lawrence2 Comments

From the title, you know this is the North Canal Gate House in Lawrence. It is maintained in original condition by the Enel Corporation, the company that runs the dam and sells the electricity it generates through its much more modern facility located on the south end of the dam. I was given an hour or so to shoot in here in exchange for signing my life away in the event I fell through one of the trap doors in the floor.

You’ve also probably guessed this is another image from the square series.  This is one of several that I rediscovered while searching my archives for images that would be appropriate for it — help paint a picture of Lawrence’s Industrial Past. It was originally intended as an HDR image and was immediately rejected because of the blown highlights across the series of five brackets I shot that day. Don’t judge me! I was new to HDR and giddy with excitement to be shooting such a cool place!

Of course, working in black and white, I can embrace the clipping, as I did here.


Robert LussierNorth Canal Gate House