Fire Station

This is my first blog post in over a week. I’ve been a bit under the weather and any normal-feeling time I did have was spent on more urgent matters, like work and getting shit done for my son’s wedding, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Since I am feeling better, I thought I’d reach into the archives for an image to post. I chose this one from Ireland, taken back in 2007.

Nothing too fancy or exotic.  Just a simple fire station in the Irish Countryside.


Dead Horse Point Panorama

It is hard to believe it has been a year (almost) since the Utah version of North by Northwest (NXNW) last spring. No, its not a rock festival. It’s a gathering of a few photo bloggers who got to know each other only through the wonders of social media. Images were shared, comments exchanged, friendships forged then NXNW was born.

For three days Michael Criswell, Mark Garbowski, Chris Nitz, Rick Loius, Justin Balog, Dave Wilson and I fueled our creative juices with sleep deprivation, Folgers coffee and craft brewed beer.  We shot our way through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. We also hit this Dead Horse Point State Park, which brings us to this image.

Even though it wasn’t our original destination for the dawn shoot (we got lost trying to get to Marlboro Point), it became an instant hit with the NXNW crew. We were in complete awe as the sun rose behind us and brought Canyonlands to life. I shot this panorama a few minutes after sunrise. It was somewhat of an afterthought. In fact, I completely forgot I had this set of images until I want back through the catalog a few days ago. So I processed it.

To truly appreciate it click here.



It has been a long time since I’ve done any serious shooting in Lowell, Massachusetts — the city I grew up in. Probably since before I started this blog.

That drought came to an end this past Saturday. I knew I needed to get out and shoot and wanted to shake it up a little. Really, just a little. After all, Lowell is only about 10 miles from from my home in Methuen. Hell, I could run there on a good day!

Anyway, I’ve seen this view countless times in my life but never stopped to shoot it. It is an appropriate shot, given that the vacant mill featured is (I believe) the only mill in Lowell that hasn’t been razed or renovated.



Lady Luck

Something light for today. This is another shot from the car show I shot around at last fall. Don’t ask me the make, model or year of the car. I just remember it was it was a cool little car.

I think it’s a Thunderbird

Cars are not my favorite things to shoot, but I am a sucker for shooting vintage objects in general. Old cars qualify.

This one is from a local car show last fall. A show I will surely return to, since the farm that held this one holds several throughout the summer.

I can’t be sure because I didn’t take enough notes, but I think this is the interior of a vintage Ford Thunderbird.

I have a few more from that fall visit. I’ll be sure to post them.

The Office

Here is an older shot from the Washington Mill in Lawrence, MA. In it’s most recent life, that particular mill was a paper mill. The company recycled old paper products into new paper.

This particular section of the building is a more modern section, probably built in the 60s or 70s.  This office was located in a work area adjacent to the loading dock area.

On another note — You’ll notice a new look to the Blog today. A new Theme. Very customizable.

Stone Flow

This is my most recent find in my “hey, what images have I overlooked in the past couple of years?” series. It is a long exposure shot of the Stone Mill in Lawrence.

I can justify the initial neglect … I rented a Nikon D800 to do some shooting at the 2013 Boston Marathon for the BAA. I didn’t own one (still don’t) but needed to get familiar with it. The shoot was from a helicopter, so I opted for a camera that would give me maximum resolution.

I took the D800 out for a test run a couple of days before the race — a very windy day. I shot a bunch of LE images locally and also made a quick trip to the shore. Since I was more concerned with preparing equipment for the BAA shoot and focussing on logistics, only a couple of the images from that day trip got processed and posted in the weeks immediately following the Marathon. Even if the bombings hadn’t happened on that day, I think these images would have been back burner items.

I love the Stone Mill.


On my my last visit (which I hope won’t be my last visit) to Austin, Nevada I walked the short mile or so up and down main street shooting the buildings. Most of those shots were fairly mundane. After a cursory pass through the resulting, I pretty much moved on to more exciting images. So I was thrilled to find this one when I revisited the catalog.

The composition (finally) caught my eye. I liked what the 14mm prime lens did to the lines and angles – further distorted my the fact that the road was going uphill to the right. I liked the way the hard angles played against chaotic twisted branches of the trees. And I liked all the little things I picked up as my eyes wandered through the frame – the ‘antique’ sign, the things hanging on the store walls, the vault door, the angel weathervane and the church in the background.

Yes. I like this image!