August 30, 2009

North Canal Gatehouse

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First of all, welcome to my PhotoBlog site. The structure is a work in progress, so please bear with me as I finalize things.

What you will find here are a few galleries of my landscape, cityscape mill photography, and anything else I choose to feature. Periodically I will feature a new image to the home page and write something about it.

My latest project is a photographic study of the mills and industrial revolution era technologies from Lawrence, MA. The project started a couple of years ago. In order to feed my habit I found it easy to pop into nearby Lawrence to take advantage of the city’s rich, historic urban landscape. Then earlier this year I learned that a couple of the city’s iconic smokestacks were going to be taken down, along with one period building and a portion of another.

I approached the developer about shooting inside those buildings and was given access. That got things rolling. Connections were made that allowed me to get inside other buildings in the city, including the North Canal Gatehouse.

More on the Mill Project in future posts.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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