September 10, 2009

Lawrence Mill Project, Part 1

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The Lawrence Mill Project got jump started back in June when I approached the developers about shooting in buildings that were slated for demolition.  In exchange for access to the buildings to shoot for my own amusement, I was asked to provide copies of some of the images for the developer’s records and for the Public Record.  I complied.

I got a tour of the Boiler House and adjacent store house.

I was completely blown away by the Boiler House (an overview of the interior is above). The graffiti on doors, mattresses in the control room and a couple of shopping carts told me that, in recent history, the building’s primary purpose was to serve as a refuge for some of Lawrence’s homeless. But the building was rich with evidence of decades of activity.

The Boiler House — in its day — provided the energy to power the Wood Mill complex.

I spent the following Saturday and several rainy, dreary, and very dark early mornings photographing the details of the Boiler House.

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