October 15, 2009

Smokestack Implosion

I had the pleasure of getting THE view of the implosion of a local landmark today. A pair of smokestacks that have been part of the city’s skyline for over 100 years were imploded. My connection with the Historic Mill Society enabled me to get on the roof of another mill building in the complex. The Boston media was confined to the media corral at ground level, 4 stories below me.

This wasn’t easy. When the first explosion hit, I fired my shutter at 8 FPS and quickly noticed that nothing moved. A couple of second later a louder BOOM!! That one shook the roof – and my tripod head SHIFTED (time for a new one). I kept firing my shutter while quickly adjusting the tripod head. What you see here are a couple of hours of painstaking realignment of the images. The crop is a bit tighter than originally planned, but I’m happy with it.

[nggallery id=18]

I also put together a poster commemorating the event. It is available for sale on Imagekind.com. Imagekind provides multiple purchasing options, from prints, to framed prints to canvas prints. For this piece I recommend the large print size of 32″x10.9″. At that size each image will be approximately. 4″x6.”

Wood Mill Smokestacks by robertlussier
Wood Mill Smokestacks by Robert Lussier

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