December 13, 2009

Everett Mill Clock

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I got a call from Tom Short yesterday asking if I could take some reference shots for a Historic Mill Society presentation to the Enel Corporation. I was happy to oblige, especially since Tom also offered to take me up to the Everett Mill Clock to take some shots.

The Everett Mill is located on Union Street in Lawrence. Its about a quarter mile long and 6 stories high. That’s six mill stories. The ceilings in these buildings are about 15 feet high. The Clock sits on top of the roof, as opposed to within its own tower. It is still operational – a more modern electric motor driving the original gears – the motor replacing the weight driven mechanism.

It was built by the E Howard Company of Boston.

This shot was (obviously) taken from behind the clock. It is an HDR image comprised of 9 exposures.

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