December 19, 2009

The Owl Diner, Lowell, MA

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I’ve come to love HDR photography and gravitate towards subjects that lend themselves to the vibrant colors and rich detail that can be achieved through the process. Most of my HDR work has revolved around the mills of Lawrence, MA. That will continue. I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface. I have not been through all of the mills yet, and those I’ve been shooting in have much more to offer, photographically speaking!

However, since shooting in Arthur’s Paradise Diner, I decided to continue shooting area diners as a series.

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I took a drive into Lowell this morning to scope out Four Sister’s Owl Diner for a photo shoot. I took my camera in with me, but left my tripod in the car. It was mid morning on a Saturday and pretty busy with customers, I did not expect to get the opportunity to shoot.

It was less busy at the counter than I expected, so I decided to to grab a a few counter-level shots, steadying the camera body on the counter.

I have been in the Owl a couple of times over the past couple of years, but did not sit at the original counter or in the original booths. Instead, I sat in the larger dining room adjacent to the dining car. So when I sat at the counter this morning, I was struck by the individual juke boxes sitting on the counter and in each booth. I had completely forgotten about these things! I wish I had taken the time to see if they still worked – Perhaps when I return for a more comprehensive photo shoot.

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