December 26, 2009

Wood Mill

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I took this interior shot of the Wood Mill in Lawrence, MA this past summer. It is an HDR rendering comprised of 5 exposures.

Some of Facebook friends commented on the “interesting perspective” of the image. I wish I could attribute it to my incredible creativity, but the fact is, I went to the mill thinking I had everything – Camera? Check. Tripod? Check. Mounting bracket for tripod? Um … damn. So I wandered through the mill taking hand-held shots in not so great light . Except for this shot.

For this shot, I placed the camera on the floor of the mill and steadied it with my hand. I placed something from my camera bag under the lens to support it a bit more. The zoom range on the lens is 12-24mm, so I shot a series at each focal length and a couple in between. The keeper for me was this 12mm shot. I thought it best captured the atmosphere of the wide open mill space.

The Wood Mill is about a quarter mile long. Its like a skyscraper lying on its side.  One half of the building was being converted to condos until the financing fell through. The other half (the one I was in) will be converted to office and retail space as part of the Riverwalk Park project.

This image is available as a Desktop.

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