January 28, 2010

Riverside T Station

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I took on a side project at work photographing the progress of the build-out of our new office space at the Riverside Center on Grove Street in Newton Massachusetts. Once or twice a week I’ll pop over either on the way to or from work make the rounds through the three floors photographing the various stages of construction.

Its a huge project. There are sections that are still not started and others that are beginning the finish work. The centerpiece is an open central stairway that tie the three floors together. But that’s not what this post is about.

The new building is located next to the Riverside T-Station. Riverside, I believe, is the last stop on Boston’s Greenline. Lots of trains. I thought I could find some interesting HDR subjects so I stopped in.

I was happy to find a “15 minute free parking” section. Figured thats all the time I needed.

I walked up to the landing by the fence that separates the trains from the public and set up my tripod. As I started to take a pretty lousy reference shot, a couple of T employees walked passed me and slipped through an open gate, then went into the “employee only” building across the tracks.

Ignoring the “Authorized Personnel Only” sign on the gate, I slipped through the gate with my tripod to set up a shot. A couple of  T employees came out of the building. One of them started screaming at me to leave. I thought about trying to plead my case, but then I heard the “alpha male” proclaim, “I’LL take care of THIS!” I just said, “sorry!” and retreated to the pedestrian side of the fence.

Things calmed down a bit after that, so I took the shot posted here.

I did try to go for one more shot. As I was leaving I glanced through the fence again at a couple of parked trains. I figured I was on the correct side of the fence, why not? As I started to set up the shot another “municipal employee” stopped and looked at me.

I said, “Hi, how are you?”

The response was a bit surprising. “You got a permit?” he asked.

Of course I didn’t. A sudden mental image of my D300 smashed on the ground flashed through my mind, so I politely apologized and decided to leave.

Besides, my 15 minute free parking spot was about to expire.

I like the image I DID get. Hope you do too.  Maybe I’ll look into getting a permit and go back!

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