February 2, 2010

North Canal Gate House

[singlepic id=441 w=320 float=left]I overlooked this image when I shot in the North Canal Gate House in Lawrence, Massachusetts last Fall. Since that shoot, I’ve also done much more HDR work, so I’ve decided to go back and reprocess other images I shot that day.

The Gate House sits on the North Canal at its source on the Merrimack River in Lawrence, along side the Great Dam in Lawrence. The Enel Company runs the dam and owns the Gate House property. They produce hydroelectric power and sell it to National Grid.

The Gate House was really cool. Old wood, old iron gears, ropes and hooks.

My access was granted through my affiliation with the Historic Mill Society. I had to sign a waiver essentially stating that I would not sure the Enel Company if I fell through the ~100 year old trap doors that dropped into the canal.

I will be re-processing more images from this shoot. Stay tuned.

Oh … my favorite part of this image … check out the sign on the pole. Click on the image for the larger version:  “Warning: do not UES these gates.”  100 years of bad spelling in Lawrence.

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