February 15, 2010


Yesterday I deliberately set out on my long run through Lawrence with the goal of slowing down and looking for new spots to shoot. As I ran past the Polartec complex on Broadway, I glanced through the iron gates and spotted a cluster of mill buildings that I had never noticed before. They were a couple of hundred yards from the street. Impossible to see if you are driving.

I returned to the complex later in the day. Luckily the mill yard was open so I drove in the back and grabbed a few shots.

I spotted this very asymmetrical building as I was about to leave. To minimize the distortion of my ultra-wide 11-16mm lens, I stood back and framed the building in the top half of the viewfinder. There was no question it would be a square crop.

I’m fortunate to live near so many intriguing photographic subjects and I try not to take them for granted. The mill buildings of Lawrence have such great lines, angles and details. The compositions are endless.

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