February 18, 2010

Methuen Music Hall

[singlepic id=445 w=300 float=left] This is probably the only building ever built for the sole purpose of housing a pipe organ.

It was commissioned by Edward Searles to hold “The Great Organ” he purchased from The Boston Music Hall around 1897 for $1500.

At the time, it was believed to be the largest pipe organ in the United States, with 5,474 pipes and 84 registers.

You can find more information about the organ and the Music Hall on Wikipedia or on the Music Hall’s official site.

Between the trees, telephone poles and lines in front of the hall on Broadway Street in Methuen, I’ve always found it difficult to get a good shot of this great building. I keep trying. This was shot with my 11-16mm lens, at 11mm.

I have reached out to the Music Hall’s board of directors and have gotten their permission to photograph the interior of this spectacular building. I hope to conduct the shoot within the next few weeks.

The images will be available for sale, to support the fundraising efforts of the Music Hall’s Trustees. Stay tuned to this site for a preview of the images.

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