February 22, 2010

Oil Often

[singlepic id=448 w=350 float=left]

Here is something from the Wood Mill Boiler House in Lawrence from my shoot there last summer. The boiler house and its iconic smokestacks were imploded in October of last year.

The implosion of the boiler house made me appreciate even more, the opportunity I had to shoot the interior of the building.

I have been going back through those images to reprocess some and found this one, untouched from the original shoot.

I liked this crank thing jutting out at an odd angle. I have no idea what it controlled, only that when it was operational it needed to be oiled often. So it says on the big wheel.

As I said, I have been reprocessing some of the stuff I shot back then. My HDR processing skills have improved, so I believe I can get more out of the images.

I’ll post the newly processed images here.

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