February 27, 2010

Exit Escape

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This afternoon I had the pleasure to meet and shoot with the truly gifted photographer and HDR master, Brian Matiash. I found his site a couple of months ago and left a comment complementing his work. We struck up an email conversation and decided to get together to shoot.

I invited Brian up to Lawrence to explore the Stone Mill today. It was the first of, what I hope are many days shooting together.

I enjoyed watching Brian meticulously set up and compose his shots. His perspective is refreshingly different that mine. Be sure to check out his work on the Brian Matiash Blog.

My image today: Exit Escape. The not so secure lock on the door to the Stone Mill fire escape door.

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  1. It was a pleasure finally meeting and shooting with you, Bob. I had a great time talking shop with you about the finer details of HDR and I really do look forward to doing it again really soon, and for much longer.

    I knew this shot was going to be gold as soon as I saw it on the back of your LCD. Love the lines and composition. That Exit sign drawn on the wall is perfect, too. Can’t wait to see more!