March 3, 2010

Stone Mill Pulley Wheel

[singlepic id=472 w=450]

This is the shot I had in mind when I was at the Stone Mill on Saturday.

I went back yesterday morning with my 50mm f1.4 prime lens specifically to get this shot. Then I ended up shooting for another hour. It is a target rich environment.

I am fortunate to have access to (most of) the mills in Lawrence. I jokingly refer to them as my photography playground, but I am grateful for the opportunity to capture the beauty of these old buildings for the historic record as well as for my art.

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  1. I love how this image turned out, Bob. It looks like an industrial yo-yo. I also dig that you had the determination to head back to get this shot that you envisioned. Very admirable from a photographic perspective.

  2. Author

    Thanks Brian … Love the “industrial Yo-Yo” comment. Was hoping it didn’t come across as a “tire rim in the sky” 🙂