March 7, 2010

Lucky 13

[singlepic id=480 w=540]

When I shoot at the mills I am always concerned about where I leave my car. I don’t like to leave it in plain sight for a couple of reasons: I don’t really want it to end up in my frame and then have to go move it and; I am not always “authorized” to be where I am, so I don’t want to call unwanted attention to myself. I was more worried about the former yesterday.

When I arrived, I instinctively pulled in between these two trailers, at Loading Dock 13, figuring my car will be out of the line of fire. As I was pulling in I quickly realized I was driving into my first shot of the day. I parked in front of Loading Dock 15.

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  1. I agree with Brian. I love the negative space use in the center of the photo which leads to Lucky #3. Well done!