March 16, 2010

Stone Mill Staircase

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I spent last Saturday shooting at the Stone Mill with a very talented HDR Photographer, Brian Matiash. Six hours of shooting and two different perspectives on a historic old building.

This old spiral staircase has amazing character. I could spend hours shooting and come up with dozens of great (or at least good) images.

The building itself is on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was originally called the Lawrence Machine Shop and manufactured steam engines. Today, five or six businesses still operate out of it but at least the top two floors are completely empty. Its a playground for Urban Exploration Photography. Although I have to ask myself, is it truly urbex photography if you have permission to shoot there?

Either way, the building is a great place to hone my skills as a photographer and perfect the craft of HDR. Both of which are never ending exercises.

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