March 17, 2010


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The title of this post is not about this image of the Stone Mill Staircase and Doorway (although I do hope you like it) but about the motivation behind my mill photography.

It is History.

While buildings like these are a haven for us “urbex” photographers, for me they also hold some sentimental value.

I grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, another mill city just a few miles up the Merrimack River.

Growing up, I watched most of the mills in Lowell go from struggling businesses, to completely empty, to completely neglected, razed or converted to condos. And me, not a photographer at that time. So sad.

Luckily, most of the mills in Lawrence are still standing and still accessible (with the right connections).

Most of those still standing retain the character they did in the 19th century—at least in parts of the buildings. They are part of my local landscape. They are part of the Industrial Revolution in America.  They are part of our national history.

I am fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to photograph these great architectural and historic treasures. I hope I am doing them justice.

[note to self: call mom, find out which Lawrence mill my Grandfather worked in. Shoot it.]

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  1. Love when the context behind a shot is as awesome as the shot itself.

    Aces with today’s image.

    When are we shooting again? 🙂