March 21, 2010

Pacific Paper Products

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Last weekend my friend and HDR guru, Brian Matiash and I hit the Stone Mill in Lawrence for a very productive six hours of shooting. After about four hours, hunger over-took us both. We hopped in my car and drove through the “Mean Streets of Lawrence” to grab some lunch.

Its a good thing I drove. Brian would have killed us if he was behind the wheel. We couldn’t drive 100 yards without Brian pointing out another “urbex” photography target. From condemned buildings to quaint ethnic storefronts to century old mills. Every corner presented a new subject.

On the way back from lunch, I pointed out the Pacific Paper Products building. I mentioned that I had shot the building before, but not recently and definitely NOT in HDR. Brian added, “That’s begging for an HDR treatment!”

I couldn’t agree more.

When I shoot ultra-wide I am always cognizant of the converging lines and struggle with whether or not to do SOME perspective correction in Photoshop. For this shot, the fact that the building is built on an incline and I was shooting up at it to begin with made me wonder if I was going to get a usable shot to begin with. After processing the image I sat back and looked at it. I really liked the distortion combined with the funky angles of rooflines on both the building and the loading dock.

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  1. This building -was- begging for an HDR treatment and you answered the call! I totally love this shot and those light bursts are perfect-o! I think that the distorted perspective of this building works better than a corrected version with a T/S lens… but, we can always go back and try for sure! 🙂

    Solid, solid work, Bob!