March 28, 2010

Tools of the Trade

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I rarely post two images in a day, but I am processing some images for a rare “people project” and thought one of my volunteer models deserved some recognition.

In the course of our photo session in Chinatown, Boston last week, I asked the “Professor of Bracketology,” Brian Matiash if he was willing to let me shoot him with his coveted Canon 5D Mark II with his 17mm TS lens. He graciously complied.

I am not, nor do I pretend to be, a portrait photographer. But for this assignment, “People and Their Stuff,”  I have been forced to think outside of my box. So far, I’m happy with the project. I’ll post a gallery of all the images once the project is completed.

This shot was taken in a Chinatown alley with my SB-600 “mounted” off-camera. Brian indulged my posing requests and endured the lighting challenges until I thought we got it right.

Thanks Brian, for helping me step out of my comfort zone!

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