April 1, 2010

Wasatch Mountains, Utah

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Another fortunate stop on my San Francisco to Boston relay run back in 2004.

While waiting for a one runner to make the exchange to another, I wandered off to find a photo. Just about a hundred yards off the road, and over a hill I found this view of the Wasatch Range. We could see it all day off in the distance as we ran or waited to run, or drove after runners.

The blessing of the trip was that we got to see the country at 7 miles per hour. The curse as a photographer was that my opportunities to shoot were limited to the places we stopped to exchange runners. Not always scenic or interesting.

I was thrilled to walk over the hill and see this view of Wasatch.

This is an HDR image generated from a single JPEG image. Something I would not have thought to attempt had Brian Matiash not told me he did it with some of his older images. Thanks Brian!

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  1. Thanks Mike! Just checked out your shot of Wasatch. Really great! Would love to see more. My bucket list included an extended Photo trip through the American West.