April 2, 2010

Loading Dock Tilt

I rented Nikon’s 24mm PC-E Lens (perspective control, or tilt/shift) from LensProToGo lens for a week. So for the next few days, as I play with this nifty little toy, you will be subjected to my experimentation. The lens comes with a learning curve, so I can’t promise high art or technically flawless images, but I will post the best (or at least the most interesting) images I produce. Hope you like my first attempt.

I rented the lens for both practicality and fun. I am looking at the possibility of picking up some architectural assignments. The primary purpose of the perspective control lens is to … um … control perspective, so I though I should get to know the tools of the trade.

I’m also intrigued by the creative aspect of the tilt/shift technology as expertly demonstrated by my friend, Brian Mataish.

It arrived yesterday. When I got home from work I immediately put the lens on my D300 and dashed out to the Malden Mills yard. It was already dark, well past the “blue hour,” so I knew the light wasn’t going to be the best. All I had to work with were the floodlights that lit the yard.

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  1. Oh man. Well, you did the lens justice, Bob. T/S glass really brings a new dimension of creativity and control – both of which you exemplified wonderfully here.

  2. Author

    Brian, Thanks. Both for the comment and the inspiration.

    So far, I like the Nikon T/S. It may be JUST wide enough for me on a full frame camera, but I do like to go very wide. I have a few days to play with it. Should be fun.