April 3, 2010

Stone Mill Panorama

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Day Two with the Nikon 24mm PC-E lens, I decided to hit my favorite photography playground, the Stone Mill in Lawrence.

A simple horizontal shift of the lens gave me near perfect alignment for a panoramic image of the attic. Its comprised of three identically processed sets of HRD images; 9 brackets right, 9 brackets center and 9 brackets left. Some tweaking in Photoshop and Topaz Detail enhancement was applied to finish it off.

You cant turn around in the Stone Mill without seeing something you want to shoot. Its a rich tapestry of urbex compositions. But nothing beats the initial “WOW” of walking into that 100+ year old attic. I hope this image conveys that.

UPDATE: View full size image (8465×2715 PX, 2.62 MB).

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  1. Robert

    This is great. I’m glad you added the large version. One question if you don’t mind. Do you process 3 separate bracket sets, then stitch the results, or the reverse, which is probably even more work? Thanks.

  2. Author

    Thanks Mark,
    I’m glad you like it. I processed the three bracket sets then stitched the results. I used the same settings in Photomatix, but there were still some slight differences. I did some tweaking in Photoshop to get the tones, saturation, etc. as close as possible.

  3. This is absolutely awesome. Such a great job, Bob!

    Next time we’re together, I’ve got to get you to show me in person. I’ve got a few questions

  4. Brian … Thanks. Much appreciated. Would be happy to walk you through my process. It really was trial and error. Thrilled it turned out the way it did!

  5. Super work here! Love what you’ve done with the 24mm PCE. I may have to look into acquiring one of these; too bad there is no 17mm PCE for the Nikon body!

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